Corporate Events

Host Your Corporate Event with The Funstation!

Would you like to spice up your business meetings a little more?

The Funstation has an arcade, restaurant, and bar making any business event more lively. The Funstation combines fun with business giving you the best of both worlds, a fun atmosphere to spice up any corporate event.

At the Funstation we can accommodate 20-2,000 people in our event spaces. If you have any special requests such as: needing a projector, PA system, bar or food services, seating for your corporate event, or work space, we are fully prepared to fill your needs.

The Small Party Room

The Small Party Room is designed for smaller business endeavors. It has similar accommodations to the Showroom, such as, the seating options and buffet. Also the Small Party Room has a more personal feel to it, making it perfect for smaller corporate events. So come down to the Funstation and let us plan your next corporate event.

Rent the Whole Space

At the Funstation our larger corporate events have full access to up to 70,000 square feet of games and fun. The Grand Dining Room is a perfect place where your guests can socialize or even just hang out by the bar. You and your guests will also have full access of the Midway. And when it’s time to start the party just sit back and relax, our staff will be there to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.